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About Me

Hi, I am 'Haritosh Srivastav'

I am a Confident Storytelling Coach, a Certifed WorldClass Speaking Coach and Author of the Amazon Bestseller Small Town Bigger Dreams. 

I am a Champion, Award Winning Speaker, Distinguished Toastmaster and also a Moth Storyteller. 

I also have a global experience of living out of India for a decade and learning from some of the best Storytellers, Speakers & Trainers in the World.

I am on a Mission to Empower 1 Million People by the Year 2035 by helping them discover their true Voice & Confidence through the Power of Storytelling. 

I founded the Confident Storytelling Hub to fulfill this mission. We are an evolving and dynamic community of Confident Storytellers and constantly growing. 

My Mission

The World Needs Better Storytellers. 

I am on a Mission to Empower a Million Speakers by the Year 2035 by helping them Discover their True Voice & Confidence

My Expertise

I’m a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Certified Mentor, Distinguished Toastmasters and award-winning speaker with over 7 years of Coaching & Mentoring experience to help people Discover their Confidence through the power of Storytelling

My Community

 I founded Confident Storytelling Hub community to help Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Coaches at different stages of their journey to grow exponentially. 

We are over 75+ members and consistently growing at a rapid pace!

3 Steps To Excel As A Storyteller 

Learn how you can Find and Discover hundreds of stories very easily by Tapping into the Power of Your Own Journey and Experiences. 

Learn the Critical Elements of World-class Storyteling that will help you craft a confident compelling stories

Learn critical steps to deliver stories that make your audience everytime say - 

WOW, How Did You Do IT

Our Community

Confident Storytelling Hub

A specialized community for experienced and aspiring storytellers who want to make an Impact to the World by telling Confident Stories


Trusted By Thousands of Happy Students

  • I want to express my gratitude to the great Coach Haritosh Srivastav. Just because of his inspiration and push today, I feel confident sharing my stories. Thank you so much

    Rajesh Ahuja

    Rajesh Ahuja

    Senior Manager - Customer Support

  • Learning about Storytelling has given me the confidence to share my story. Every time I attend a session with Coach Haritosh it gives me more knowledge, confidence and helps me grow to the next level. 

    Claire Hardy

    Claire Hardy

    Action Coach, Speaker & Bestselling Author




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