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About Me

Hi, I am 'Haritosh Srivastav'

I am a Confident Storytelling Coach, a Certifed WorldClass Speaking Coach and Author of the Amazon Bestseller Small Town Bigger Dreams. 

I am a Champion, Award Winning Speaker, Distinguished Toastmaster and also a Moth Storyteller. 

I also have a global experience of living out of India for a decade and learning from some of the best Storytellers, Speakers & Trainers in the World.

I am on a Mission to Empower 1 Million People by the Year 2035 by helping them discover their true Voice & Confidence through the Power of Storytelling. 

I founded the Confident Storytelling Hub to fulfill this mission. We are an evolving and dynamic community of Confident Storytellers and constantly growing. 

My Mission

The World Needs Better Storytellers. 

I am on a Mission to Empower a Million Speakers by the Year 2035 by helping them Discover their True Voice & Confidence

My Expertise

I’m a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Certified Mentor, Distinguished Toastmasters and award-winning speaker with over 7 years of Coaching & Mentoring experience to help people Discover their Confidence through the power of Storytelling

My Community

 I founded Confident Storytelling Hub community to help Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Coaches at different stages of their journey to grow exponentially. 

We are over 75+ members and consistently growing at a rapid pace!

3 Steps To Excel As A Storyteller 

Find Stories

Learn how you can Find and Discover hundreds of stories very easily by Tapping into the Power of Your Own Journey and Experiences. 

Craft Compelling Stories

Learn the Critical Elements of World-class Storyteling that will help you craft a confident compelling stories

Deliver WOW Stories

Learn critical steps to deliver stories that make your audience everytime say - 

WOW, How Did You Do IT

Our Community

Confident Storytelling Hub

A specialized community for experienced and aspiring storytellers who want to make an Impact to the World by telling Confident Stories


Trusted By Thousands of Happy Students

  • I want to express my gratitude to the great Coach Haritosh Srivastav. Just because of his inspiration and push today, I feel confident sharing my stories. Thank you so much

    Rajesh Ahuja

    Rajesh Ahuja

    Senior Manager - Customer Support

  • Learning about Storytelling has given me the confidence to share my story. Every time I attend a session with Coach Haritosh it gives me more knowledge, confidence and helps me grow to the next level. 

    Claire Hardy

    Claire Hardy

    Action Coach, Speaker & Bestselling Author




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